MEX TV/RADIO is a popular station of choice for students and youths. Our station is made up of talented individuals who work around the clock in order to bring you the greatest hits, best news stories, concerts, special events, and more. Tune in to MEX TV and start discovering all that we have to offer.


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In today's world you can reach masses of people by streaming your event live for them and our team of expects are the best to help you.

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We are determined to help you attain your dream. Having a show with us gives you great access to listeners from all over the world.


Associating with a great brand is a key factor to reaching your customers and gaining control over the market. We are a strong brand with a focus on the youth.


Our Tv/Radio shows and events reach a wide audience in Nigeria and beyond via the web, therefore sponsoring our programs gives you access to a global stage.

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